About Us

Tree of Life Yoga Studio was founded by Mindy Scime in 2008. Mindy discovered the practice of yoga in 2003 while in graduate school for her doctorate in Psychology. As a survivor of sexual abuse and domestic violence, Mindy found the practice of yoga to be a powerful tool for healing trauma. She noticed that practicing yoga helped to improve her mood and decrease her anxiety. Mindy is passionate about sharing yoga as a healing modality.

As the studio has grown and transformed so has Mindy. Her passion for social justice began to more closely inform her business decisions and in 2018 she decided to convert the yoga studio to 100% pay what you can in the hopes of eliminating economic barriers to accessing yoga. Mindy says, "Yoga is a beautiful, transformative practice that should be available to all. We are each worthy and deserving of its gifts of presence, connection, and peace. Yoga is not just thin, white women doing handstands on the beach. Yoga is not even about the physical postures of the body; it is so much more. I no longer want to participate in a version of yoga that requires privilege to walk through the door. My hope is that by moving to a pay what you can business model more people in our community will be able to participate in yoga and realize its many physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits."

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